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Clinical and Translational Core Lab (CTCL): Getting Started

CTCL Workflow

Project Consultations

Have a project idea but unsure how to start?

Not sure what kind of sample to collect (Plasma, Serum, Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells), how to collect it and how much to collect?

We can help!

To initiate working with the Clinical Translational Core Lab, use this consultation form to setup a meeting with the CTCL lab team to develop a sample processing protocol.

Study Protocol Development

CTCL will work with you to develop a Standard Operating Procedure for sample processing and storage for your study. We also offer several services that support both clinical researchers and basic scientists in planning and budgeting for clinical trial correlative studies, including testing and validating any study specific assays, as well as helping you with calculating cost per patient, per sample or per assay. 

Sample Submission

After protocol has been approved for use, samples are to be submitted in the following manner:

  1. Submit your sample request through iLabs. (If you do not have an iLabs account, click here.) Studies will be charged via this method.
  2. Inform CTCL personnel of planned sample submissions in a timely manner.
  3. Drop off sample with a sample submission form.

Study Milestones

As your study progresses along, CTCL will track sample collection and processing as well as periodically updating you on study progress. If we are collecting any sample data, CTCL will update you with study data reports.

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