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The JCTO partners with departments, divisions and study teams to make invoicing and revenue management seamless and effective.

Role of the JCTO

At the time of study account creation the JCTO invoices the sponsor or CRO for study start-up costs, such as administrative fees, and other non-refundable costs detailed in the budget.

Examples of non-refundable startup fees/costs include:

  • Clinical Study Evaluation Committee (CSEC)
  • IND Safety Reporting
  • PI Case Report Form Training for eCRF systems
  • Core Lab
  • Monitoring space 
  • Recruitment/Advertising
  • Records Retention (archiving) 
  • Radiology (IDEAL)/Pharmacy start-up fees 
  • IRB initial review
  • JCTO Administration

For details about fees and their inclusion in the budget click here.

Role of the Study Team

Payments for clinical trials can be made in three different ways:

  1. Automatically paid based on completion and monitoring of the case report forms (CRF)
  2. Invoiceable based on completion and monitoring of the CRF
  3. Invoiceable based on milestones (i.e. subject enrollment)

The study team is responsible for submitting invoices for items 2 and 3 above. We recommend using this invoice template to submit all invoices.

All costs should be invoiced inclusive of the 35% Indirect Cost (IDC) rate, except in the case of pass-through costs. 

Invoices should be emailed to the sponsor copying The JCTO captures invoice information provided in a central administrative database and uses it for reconciliation purposes as checks are received.

All invoices should mention the PI, Sponsor Protocol Number, IRB number and any other reference number requested by the Sponsor or outlined in the contract. This information is critical for accurate account reconciliation.

Receiving Study Payments

Sponsors should mail check remittances to the JCTO address included on the invoice template. Financial correspondence and checks received from the sponsor by the PI or study team should be forwarded to the JCTO via interoffice mail at box 305 or they can be delivered to our office at 407 E. 61st Street, 2nd floor.

Once a check is received the JCTO will process it and send it to General Accounting for allocation to the study account number. Note that a 35% indirect cost rate is applied to all study activities and will be assessed at the time the check is deposited.

The PI and study team will be notified via email that checks have been processed, with a copy of the check, Receipt Transmittal Form (RTF) and any back up documentation that was received with the check. After the checks have been deposited and processed in SAP by General Accounting the payments will be reflected in the study accounts. Questions about check deposits should be directed to General Accounting at (646) 841-3667.

Final Invoice

When the study team determines that it is time to finalize all financial transactions on a clinical trial or receives a check marked “final payment” the JCTO should be contacted so the following information can be confirmed:

  • Initial study startup invoices have been paid in full
  • IRB amendment and renewal fees have been paid in full

The JCTO will invoice for closeout fees in accordance with the terms of the contract (i.e. archiving, pharmacy close-out fees) at this time.

NYP invoicing

NYP forwards the charges for all research studies to the JCTO on a monthly basis. The JCTO reviews the reports and forwards them to the appropriate department or division for approval. The services invoiced should be charged in accordance with the charge-master prevailing at the time the services were rendered. Upon receiving written approval of the charges the JCTO submits check requisitions and facilitates payment for all services rendered NYP. The JCTO manages the issuance of Plan Codes and the reconciliation of NYP invoices on an institution wide basis for Funds and WBS account numbers. For inquiries regarding NYP study fund invoices contact

Physician Organization (PO) invoicing

The Physician Organization (PO) sends invoices for services rendered directly to the appropriate department or division. Inquiries about the PO charge-master, PO invoicing or any other PO related matters should be directed to the Physician Organization Business Office (POBO).

Contact Information

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