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Study Account Creation

After a clinical trial agreement is executed the JCTO requests an individual study account to allow WCMC & NYP to bill study-related procedures directly to the study. WCMC utilizes a finance system called SAP and NYP uses a financial system called Eagle. In addition to the creation of a SAP account, when a clinical trial involves hospital services that are billable to the study a link between SAP and Eagle is created by the generation of a Plan Code.

SAP Account Request

The JCTO initiates the request for an SAP account through email correspondence with General Accounting. A New Fund Request Form must be completed prior to requesting a new account. This form contains important information needed by General Accounting such as the fund center number and the list of approved SAP users that will be given access to the new study account. The account request is sent by email and the study team is copied on the communication. The New Fund Request Form and an invoice for the initial startup costs prepared by the JCTO in accordance with the contract are attached to the email. It is important for the study team to review the email including the attachments and to notify the JCTO if corrections need to be made to any of the documents as promptly as possible.

If there are any changes in SAP account users, the JCTO should be notified in order to prevent delays in future account creation. General Accounting requires a list of the most updated users before issuing a new account. All revised SAP account user lists should be sent to

NYP Plan codes

If a study involves services performed by NewYork-Presbyterian that are billable to the study a NYP Plan Code will be requested by the JCTO. The JCTO reviews the fully executed Human Research Billing Allocation form (HRBAF) to determine if a Plan Code is needed. Plan codes must be used to order non-standard of care services from the Hospital if the services are billable to the study.

For a list of existing plan codes and their corresponding study account numbers, visit the Contract and Budget Tools and Templates section of this page

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