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Joint Clinical Trials Office Contacts

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Joint Clinical Trials Office Staff Directory

Clinical Trials Staff

Alicia Lewisand2007(646) 962-9330Executive Director, Clinical Trials
Lauren Gripplat2010(646) 962-9351Director, Clinical Trials
Trisha Ali-Shawtra2002(646) 962-8281Assistant Director, Quality Assurance Unit
Brian Krichevskybrk2028(646) 962-8215Assistant Director, General Operations
Rajshri Hirpararah4001
(212) 746-5825Laboratory Supervisor, Core Lab
Lindsey Gruenberglek2013(646) 962-8386Senior Manager, Marketing, Communications & Subject Recruitment
Brandon Evansbre4001(646) 962-4056Director, Clinical Research Contracts
Oliver Trejoolt9004(696) 962-6876Assistant Director, Clinical Research Finance


Human Research Integrity Staff

Timothy Wilkin, MD, MPHtiw2001(212) 746-7202Assistant Dean, Clinical Research Compliance
Melissa Epstein, PhD, MBE, CIPmee4002(646) 962-4061Executive Director, Human Research Protections & Compliance

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Joint Clinical Trials Office Weill Cornell Medicine /
1300 York Avenue,
Box 305
New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) 962-8215 Fax: (646) 962-0536

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