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A multiomics profiling study to classify the origin of Cancers of Unknown Primary (CUP)

Clinical Trial Details

This study is for men and women who have been diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary (CUP) origin.
The purpose of this study is to understand specific changes in the genes of patients with cancers of unknown primary, a relatively common disease that accounts for about 3–9% of all cancer diagnoses. In the USA alone, this occurs in more than 80,000 patients every year.

The prognosis for patients with cancer of unknown primary is poor unless the origin of the primary tumor can be understood. By performing further molecular profiling of tumors using a multiomics approach, researchers may be able to determine the original primary tumor site of a participant’s tumor and use this information to improve clinical management.
The main procedures in this study include blood collection and a tumor biopsy if one is required. DNA and RNA will be extracted following standard laboratory procedures and evaluated by whole exome sequencing (WES) and transcriptome sequencing (RNA seq) respectively. DNA will also be evaluated by methylation profiling.

After identification of tumor origin, the research team will share results with the participant so that they can be treated according to the found tumor of origin. Scans will be completed per standard of care (SOC) guidelines for participant’s tumor type approximately every 8-12 weeks as needed.
Participation is expected to last up to approximately two years with long-term follow up.

Key Eligibility: 

-A confirmed cancer of unknown primary (CUP) diagnosis

Detailed eligibility reviewed when participant contacts the study team.

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Upper East Side - Manhattan


Amie Patel, RN



Amie Patel, RN



Amie Patel, RN

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