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Adjuvant Lung Cancer Enrichment Marker Identification and Sequencing Trial (ALCHEMIST)

Clinical Trial Details

The purpose of this research study is to examine lung cancer patients’ surgically removed tumors for certain genetic changes, and to possibly refer these patients to a treatment study with drugs that may specifically target tumors that have these genetic changes. Genetic testing will be done to learn whether your tumor has any of these genetic changes. 

If your tumor is found to have one of these genetic changes, you may be invited to participate on a trial that will look at drugs which may target tumors that have these specific genetic changes. There will be about 8,300 people taking part in this screening study by having genetic tests of their tumors. 

If you do not go onto one of the treatment trials you are tested for, your doctor will provide you with other options for your care and you will be followed for 5 years. A doctor or research staff will contact you every 6 months for 5 years to determine the status of your cancer and your overall health. This will help doctors better understand what happens to patients receiving the standard treatment for the disease. 

Another purpose of this research study is to learn more about cancer and why treatments may be more effective or even stop working with some tumors or in certain patients. After your tumor tissue is screened, if there is any tissue left, the remainder of your coded tissue samples will be sent to a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored storage facility, currently known as the Biospecimen Core Resource (BCR). The samples will be processed there and portions of your samples then will be sent to different types of laboratories, all within the NCI facility, as part of this project. Additionally, if your cancer comes back and there is biopsy tissue available for analysis, this too will be studied in that way. One type of laboratory will analyze your DNA by a method called sequencing. Other types of laboratories will study other biochemical material from your samples by different methods. All patients will participate in this part of study. 

Key Eligibility: 
  • Lung cancer tumor has either been removed or will be removed by a surgeon

Study contact by location

Upper East Side - Manhattan


Monique Tarrant, RN, MSN, MPH
(212) 746-2651



Tricia L. Ellis
(718) 330-7441

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