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Brain Function, Emotions, and Behavior in Healthy Older Adults

Clinical Trial Details

The purpose of this study is to compare thinking, emotions, and brain function in older adults without a history of psychiatric illness to older adults who are receiving treatment for depression in our other studies. This research is being done to help develop, understand, and improve treatments for depression in older adults. 

Research assessments will be conducted at three time points – baseline, week 6, and week 9 – and will include measuring brain activity, computer tasks, and questionnaires about mood and thoughts. Participants are compensated for each visit. 

Key Eligibility: 

Inclusion Criteria

  • At least 60 years old 
  • Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale score < 10 
  • Mini-Mental State Examination score ≥ 24 
  • Capacity to consent 
  • English speaking 

Exclusion Criteria

  • Intent or plan to attempt suicide 
  • Current or past psychiatric illness other than specific phobia 
  • Use of psychotropic drugs or cholinesterase inhibitors other than mild doses of benzodiazepines 
  • Serious medical conditions such as neurological disorders, severe COPD, metastatic cancer, cardiac/renal/respiratory failure, or another condition that influences neural systems 

Study contact by location

Upper East Side - Manhattan


Krystalle Lyons

Rana Azab

Aliayah Himelfarb



Krystalle Lyons

Rana Azab

Aliayah Himelfarb

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