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Carotid Revascularization and Medical Management for Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis Trial (CREST-2)

Clinical Trial Details

CREST-2 is a study for people who have narrowing of their carotid artery without symptoms caused by that artery like small strokes or temporary strokes. Temporary strokes are often called transient ischemic attacks or TIAs. The purpose of this study is to compare intensive medical management alone to intensive medical management plus a procedure to reopen the carotid artery in the neck for treatment of plaque buildup.

The two procedures available in this trial are carotid endarterectomy and carotid stenting. All patients enrolled in CREST-2 will receive intensive medical management to help control their risk factors for stroke.

Patients who agree to participate in the CREST‐2 study will receive, by chance (as in the toss of a coin), intensive medical management alone or either carotid endarterectomy plus intensive medical management, or carotid artery stenting plus intensive medical management to treat the narrowed area in their carotid artery.

Key Eligibility: 

Men and women who:

  • Are 35 years and older 
  • Have narrowing (70% or greater) of at least one of their carotid arteries
  • Lack other serious medical complications

Study contact by location

Upper East Side - Manhattan


Blagovest Nikolov

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