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Feasibility and Acceptability of a Mobile Cognitive Behavior Therapy App Targeting Depression and Anxiety in Middle Aged and Older Adults

Clinical Trial Details

This study aims to assess a mobile iPhone app called MAYA for use in middle-aged and older adults with anxiety or mood disorders.

Participants will be asked to use the app for at least two days a week, 20 minutes each day, for six weeks. Participants will have weekly check-ins as well as longer assessments at the beginning of the study, week 3, week 6 (end of treatment), and week 12 (follow up).

During assessments, participants will answer brief questionnaires designed to assess their symptoms and impressions of the app.

Total study participation will last about 12 weeks.

Key Eligibility: 

 Inclusion Criteria:
   1. Age 40 or older
   2. Primary diagnosis of an anxiety or depressive disorder
   3. Not currently in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
   4. Access to an Apple iPhone
   Exclusion Criteria:
   1. Lifetime diagnosis of a bipolar or psychotic disorder.
   3. Currently in cognitive behavior therapy.
   4. Change in dose of a psychiatric medication in the past 12 weeks.
   5. Initiation of psychotherapy in the past 12 weeks.
   6. Intent or plan to attempt suicide.
   Detailed eligibility will be discussed with the study team.

Study contact by location

Upper East Side - Manhattan


Maddy Schier
646-289-5271 EXT 720

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