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MOST: Mechanisms of Ischemic Stroke in Cancer Patients

Clinical Trial Details

The purpose of this study is to better understand the causes of stroke in cancer subjects. Active cancer increases the risk of stroke. We do not know exactly why this occurs but one possible reason is that people with cancer often have thicker blood than people without cancer. Thick blood can sometimes cause blood clots to form in the heart, which can then travel to the brain and cause stroke. This study is being done to help figure out why this and other causes of stroke occur in cancer subjects.

Key Eligibility: 

Key inclusion criteria:

Adults 18 years of age or older with 

  • Active solid tumor cancer according to standard definitions


  • MRI confirmed acute ischemic stroke


  • Both active solid tumor cancer and acute ischemic stroke

Key exclusion criteria:

  • Primary brain tumor or hematological cancer
  • Active pregnancy

Detailed eligibility will be reviewed with study team

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Upper East Side - Manhattan

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