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Phase I Study of Venetoclax plus DA-EPOCH-R for the Treatment of Aggressive B-Cell Lymphoid Malignancies

Clinical Trial Details

This clinical trial is for men and women with aggressive B-Cell Lymphomas which includes: 

  • Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), 
  • B-cell lymphoma unclassifiable with intermediate features between DLBCL and Burkitt Lymphoma (BL), 
  • High grade B-cell lymphoma (HGBCL), 
  • Transformed indolent NHL (TiNHL). 

The aggressive B-cell lymphomas enrolling on this study have been recognized to have a poor prognosis with the use of conventional chemoimmunotherapy. DA-EPOCH-R is an alternative highly effective chemoimmunotherapy platform for these lymphomas and may serve as an optimal chemotherapy backbone for the incorporation of novel agents such as venetoclax. 

The Bcl-2 protein plays a significant role in the regulation of cell death in malignant cells. Overexpression of Bcl-2 family proteins is associated with chemo-resistance of a broad variety of cancers, and BCL2 abnormalities are common in aggressive B-cell Lymphomas. Venetoclax is a highly selective Bcl-2 family protein inhibitor that binds to Bcl-2 family proteins to potentially overcome resistance and enhance responses to therapy. This study has been designed to evaluate the safety and preliminary efficacy of Venetoclax in combination with DA-EPOCH-R. 

Subjects will receive venetoclax in conjunction with six 21-day cycles of DA-EPOCH-R. Dosing for DA-EPOCH-R will follow established protocols. Venetoclax will be administered on days 3 through 12 during cycle 1 and days 1 through 10 of each subsequent cycle. Following completion of therapy, subjects will be followed every three months for up to two years. Subjects removed from study due to toxicity will be followed until resolution or stabilization of the toxicity. 

Key Eligibility: 
  • Men and women age 18 to 80 years 
  • Diagnosis of DLBCL, BCLu, HGBCL, or TiNHL 
  • Detailed eligibility reviewed when you contact the study team 

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Upper East Side - Manhattan


Amelyn Rodriguez, RN, NP
(212) 746-1362

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