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Repository of Novel Analytes Leading to Autoimmune, Inflammatory, and Diabetic Nephropathies (RENAL AID)

Clinical Trial Details

The purpose of this research biorepository study is to collect demographic, clinical, biochemical, histological, and genetic (RNA) data and samples from a large population of subjects with a variety of renal disease states, including diabetic, inflammatory, autoimmune and transplant related renal conditions, in order to assess for factors that may be associated with the progression of disease, the incidence of complications, (including renal failure), and the responses to therapy.  In addition, the biorepository will include the collection of data and samples from control subjects without established renal disease.

This study will provide an opportunity to compare data from various disease states with the objective of determining clinical and biological factors that predict disease progression, response to therapy and identify discriminating non-invasive clinical and biological features that predict renal biopsy findings. 

Key eligibility:

  • Males or females, at least 18 years of age and if you:
    - Require an initial kidney biopsy for medical necessity; or
    Previously had a kidney biopsy and the tissue is not stored in this biorepository; or
    - Have diabetes and kidney disease and have not had a kidney biopsy; or
    - Had a kidney transplant and require a transplant biopsy
  • Detailed eligibility criteria will be reviewed when you contact the study team

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Study contact by location

Upper East Side - Manhattan


Alan S. Perlman, MD
(212) 746-1580

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