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The Impact of Nutrient Sequence on Glycemic Excursions in Type 2 Diabetes Assessed by Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Clinical Trial Details

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of nutrient sequencing on blood glucose levels over a 2-week period, utilizing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) device, for Type 2 Diabetic patients being treated with metformin. 
This study is being done because recent findings demonstrate that the sequential order of macronutrient consumption during a meal has a significant impact on post-meal glucose levels, such that eating carbohydrates at the end of the meal (rather than the beginning) results in more stable glucose levels.

Participants will be provided meals for 2 weeks and instructed to follow each meal pattern (carbohydrates-first vs carbohydrates-last) to compare the effects of nutrient sequence on post-meal glycemia.

Key Eligibility: 
  1. 21 years or older
  2. Type 2 diabetes diagnosed less than 10 years ago
  3. HbA1c between 7% and 8.5%
  4. Must be on a stable dose of Metformin for at least 1 month and not taking any other anti-diabetic medication
  5. No history of bariatric surgery
  6. Not pregnant or breastfeeding

Detailed eligibility will be reviewed when you contact the study team.

Study contact by location

Upper East Side - Manhattan


Anthony Joseph Casper
(646) 962-2424

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