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Total fabrication: M.D.-Ph.D. student Du Cheng with the 3D printer. Photo credit: John Abbott

The Library's New Open-Acess 3D Printer Gets Rave Review

In the spring of 2014, first-year M.D.- Ph.D. student Du Cheng brought a bone fragment from an anatomical model to Dr. Estomih Mtui. Cheng told Dr. Mtui, a professor of anatomy of radiology, that he'd found the fragment, part of a facsimile of the fourJth lumbar vertebrae that had gone missing from the lab.

That was a fib: Cheng had actually created the piece using a 3D printer, a demo...

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From left: Dr. Ding Cheng Gao, Kari Fischer, Dr. Vivek Mittal Photo credit: Carlos Rene Perez

Study of Breast Cancer Metastasis Upends Conventional Wisdom, Suggesting New Treatment Strategy

Breast cancer cells do not undergo a commonly accepted transformation in order to spread to distant organs such as the lungs, Weill Cornell Medicine investigators have found in a new study. This discovery may settle a longstanding debate about how cancers spread, the investigators say, and may profoundly change the way many forms of the disease are treated.

For more than a decade, many researchers have believed that a biological process that transforms the shape...

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Dr. Jia Ruan examines patient Russell Meyer

New Drug Combination Suggests Promising Treatment for Mantle Cell Lymphoma

New England Journal of Medicine Report led by Weill Cornell Medicine Researchers

A combination therapy lacking many of the debilitating effects of traditional cancer treatment effectively manages mantle cell lymphoma, shrinking the aggressive and incurable malignancy and inducing remissions in the vast majority of patients, according to new research from Weill Cornell Medicine. Most patients' favorable response to the therapy continued over the more than two-year monitoring period....

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