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Dr. Augugstine Choi

Excessive Iron in the Lung Implicated in COPD

Excessive iron buildup in the lungs could be a major cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Weill Cornell Medicine scientists find in a new study. The investigators also believe that they have identified the culprit for the excess: A gene they previously found to increase patients' susceptibility to the progressive lung disease.

For their study, published online on...

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Drs. Holly Prigerson and Paul Maciejewski Photo credit: John Abbott

A Married Pair of Social Scientists Promotes Compassionate Care for Cancer Patients at the End of Life - And the Loved Ones They Leave Behind

Sociologist Dr. Holly Prigerson was an assistant professor at Yale in 1999 when she was summoned to the bedside of her father, whose pancreatic cancer had taken a turn for the worse. Even then, Dr. Prigerson — now the Irving Sherwood Wright Professor in Geriatrics at Weill Cornell Medicine and co-founding director of Weill Cornell Medicine's...

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