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Dr. Margaret McNairy

Haitian AIDS Patients' 10-year Survival Equal to American Patients

One of the first groups of AIDS patients to receive free HIV drugs in a public health setting in the developing world is living as long as those in the United States, according to research conducted by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators.

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HPV, cancer, Lew Cantley
Dr. Lewis C. Cantley Photo credit: Stephanie Diani

NewYork-Presbyterian, Columbia University Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medicine Among the Nation's Cancer Centers Endorsing HPV Vaccination for Cancer Prevention

NewYork-Presbyterian, Columbia University Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medicine are among the nation's top cancer centers calling for increased human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination for the prevention of cancer. The...

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Image credit: iStock

Women's Studies

In Arabic, "menopause" translates to "the hopeless age." But even in the face of such linguistic negativity, women in Qatar often see menopause as a period of maturity and wisdom that has positive aspects.

That's one of many things that Dr. Linda Gerber, a professor of healthcare policy and research and of...

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Moonshot for Cancer
Dr. Laurie H. Glimcher Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College & Provost for Medical Affairs, Cornell University

The Real Moonshot for Cancer

Cancer has affected us all in one way or another. We all know someone who's fighting the disease or who left us too soon. It's certainly touched important people in my life.

Sometimes we respond by trying to do more to help people with cancer--whether through advocacy, fundraising, medical care, or research. Vice President Joe Biden, who lost his son Beau to brain cancer last spring, is now embarking on an...

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Invasion force: The Aspergillus mold Photo credit: Science Photo Library

Fungus Fighter

A year into treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia, young Anna Nikolich was doing well, and her doctors were optimistic. It had been a devastating diagnosis for the Milwaukee girl and her family, but aside from the usual side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, there had been no complications. That changed abruptly one evening, when her father noticed something disturbing. "The whole left side of her body wasn't working," says Aleks Nikolich. "It looked like a...

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Dr. Lewis C. Cantley Photo credit: Stephanie Diani

Dr. Lewis C. Cantley Wins Wolf Prize in Medicine

Dr. Lewis C. Cantley, the Meyer Director of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center, has been awarded the 2016 Wolf Prize in Medicine from the Wolf Foundation for his groundbreaking discovery of a family of enzymes that are fundamental to understanding...

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Dr. Francis Lee Photo credit John Abbott

The Anxiety Gene?

Psychiatrist Dr. Francis Lee has had many patients over the years, but there's one who still puzzles him. It's not because the man, who was afraid of heights, didn't get better. Rather, Dr. Lee's continued interest is because he got over his fear so swiftly. After Dr. Lee recommended a therapist specializing in anxiety disorders, the man did so well with cognitive behavioral...

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