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What Inspires Giving? Meet Dr. John Leonard

During his twenty-five years at Weill Cornell Medicine, Dr. John Leonard, the Richard T. Silver Distinguished Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology, has been motivated by the same driving force: delivering the best possible treatments and cures to his patients. Moved by this incredible devotion and commitment, hundreds of Dr. Leonard’s patients have been inspired to support his groundbreaking work in blood cancer research as well as other priorities throughout the institution, donating millions of dollars. With this strong philanthropic foundation and a team of world-class physician-scientists by his side, Dr. Leonard, also the associate dean for clinical research, the associate director of clinical trials at the Meyer Cancer Center and the director of the Joint Clinical Trials Office at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian, leads one of the top lymphoma research programs in the country.

"Anytime I sit with a patient, or any doctor sits with a patient, and they explain the benefits of the different treatment options or suggest a standard therapy, it’s because somebody, somewhere, participated in a clinical trial; a patient was brave enough and dedicated enough – and optimistic enough – to go on a clinical trial to answer that question and hopefully helped themselves and other people. I love treating the patients that are in front of me, but I also want to help the patients that I’ll never meet and never see. I think that’s a key part of an academic institution – to have a much broader impact beyond our walls – and clinical trials are one significant way to do that." - John P. Leonard, M.D.

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